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Pet boarding

If you're going on holiday and need a safe and extremely comfortable place for your dog to stay whilst you are away, then look no further than Little Paddocks Boarding in Essex.

When it comes to pet care and accommodation, we offer a range of comprehensive services, including:

• Animal collection and drop off service (small charge)

• Exercise (For fun swims, please contact us for a quote)

• Companionship/Socialisation

• Heated accommodation

• Administering medication (no charge)

• Veterinary attention (if needed)

OFF SITE DOG WALKING:  1 dog per half hour £10 / 2 dogs per half hour £15

Pet boarding in Great Chesterford

Our prices:

Going away? Let us take care of your pet. Call us on

01799 530 609



2 sharing

3 sharing

4 sharing


Overnight stay (AM pick up)


PM pick up ADD


Overnight Stay (AM pick up)


PM pick up ADD



Doggy Daycare









































  • Rates are charged per night.

  • If pets are collected before midday on day of departure there is no extra      


  • If pets are collected after midday a day charge of £10 for dogs/£5 for cats  

        will be applied.

  • A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

  • Deposits are charged at 40% of the value of the booking up to a maximum of £50 per week, e.g. deposit for a 2 week booking costing £300 would be £100).

The deposit for a cancelled booking may be ‘rolled over’ to a future booking

providing a minimum of 14 calendar days' notice is given. Otherwise, it will be




Cancellations & Booking amendments

To shorten a booking a minimum of 14 calendar days' notice is required. Otherwise, the full original booking period will be charged.


Extension of bookings will be subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


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